Mr Sakitumi - Refried Noodles (FREE EP)

Mr Sakitumi has a free EP for you! The man, the musician, the master that brought you Secret Asian Man whipped up some tracks, slapped themin the pan, removed them, and repeated the process.
Download and feast upon ‘Refried Noodles’ now, you can find it in the Online Dope Store, or the African Dope Soundcloud Page.
The EP features amongst others, Mix n Blend and an acapella from a DJ Vadim track, the artwork is done by The Grrrl,and he calls his music Hiptronica and Trip-Hop.
African Dope says thank you very much.

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Jam Jarr Music Video


Check out Jam Jarr’s new music video to the track “I Am Not Here”, off their latest EP “Suck My Underground”. Thanks to ZoĆ« McLean and Stacey Howell for creating it. Remember you can still download their album for free on the Dope Soundcloud Page, or get it in our Online Dope Shop.

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Free EP!! Jam Jarr - “Suck My Underground” is on our Soundcloud page


Jam Jarr’s got some brand new bone jarring tracks for you!! Get their new EP for free on our Soundcloud page from tomorrow, then in the Online African Dope store shortly. If you dowload a track(s) don’t be afraid to post a link to it on your facebook wall in lieu of the payment they will not be accepting from you.. this time. If you want to pay for the EP and suppourt the Jam Jarrians, you can buy it in our Online Dope Shop. Enjoy!


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Customer Of The Month!!


This guy Ben from Luxembourg is something else. He bought 15 copies of The Constructus Corporation (amongst other things)!!!! And we love him for it. In doing so, he has created extreme scarcity in the number of Ziggurat’s we have left, so if you haven’t got yours, get in there!!!


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Mr.Sakitumi - Secret Asian Man is available in the Online Dope Store!!


Mr.Sakitumi is an innovative, multi-instrumental musical phenomenon the likes of which are few and far between in the world of electronic music. From the studio to the stage, he’s mastered his vast array of physical and virtual tools to produce his first solo album ‘Secret Asian Man’. You can get it today from the African Dope Online Store, or the Online Store of your choice!!! This debut album comes after being a member of influential South African acts Max Normal, Lark and Closet Snare, and regularly performing with the likes of Teba, EJ von Lyrik, Goldfish, Freshly Ground, Gazelle and many more. “These are some songs I made in my bedroom. I hope you like them”, so begins the irresistable groove which is the man’s live, solo stage performance. He gets to triggering live fx devices, playing the double bass, drums, guitar and whatever else may so happen to be on stage at the time in the spirit of his second nature. Mr. Sakitumi’s ‘Secret Asian Man’ is.. real music.

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Older News....

‘The Answer To Constructus’ Bundle


This bundle is a collection of albums by artists involved in one of African Dope’s most daring and creative ventures - ‘The Constructus Corporation’, including Waddy (Die Antwoord), Sibot (Playdoe), Markus Wormstorm (Sweat X) and more! (This is also the only way you can get Felix Laband - ‘Thin Shoes In June’ : )

Mix n Blend - Look Mom No Hands Released on African Dope


Mix n Blend put their genre-busting minds to work on their debut album ‘Look Mom No Hands’, producing a sound that tap-dances through damaging dubstep, funk, swing, airy ambient electronica, drum&bass, hip-hop and breakbeat, combining with vicious, various vocal performances in this synthesized sound adventure from African Dope Records.

Old Site

There seems to have been some confusion about what we’ve done with the old site. Why did you delete it, some of you have wailed. Well the good news is that we haven’t.

It, along with all the pages and downloads (including disc 2 of Contructus - The Ziggurat) are still lurking around HERE. Or you can click the old site link in the menu bar above.

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